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Featuring pepper grinders, whisks, spoons and related kitchen gadgets. Includes a store locater. Founded by David Holcomb.

Silicone Oil Mixture Calculator. This calculator is based on the code from

Prince Lionheart: product manufacturer since 1973. The integrity of a brand, the values of a family. It’s who we are. The McConnells.

Adhesive Materials Group is a leading provider of silicone adhesive packaging solutions and can help you solve packaging problems for most applications.

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How to choose the right mixer for high-viscosity mixing applications. More choices for virtually all applications A few years ago, the process of selecting a mixer

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Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding Process. The liquid silicone rubber injection molding process delivers two-part liquid silicone directly into a mixer, which

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Mechanical seals online shop. Mechanical Seals utilize Gaskets Materials, O-rings, packing, Sprial wound Gaskets, PTFE, EPTFE. Industrial Valve Seals

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Cirius Silicone Pigments adhere to both tin-based and platinum-based silicone surfaces when combined with Cirius Paint Medium. They are most often used to paint a

Discover the Benefits of Silicones for the Coating & Paint Industry from Dow Corning. A World Leader in Silicone Solutions, Innovative Products & Technology

Grease | Oil | Synthetic Lubricants : Silicone Dielectric Gease – Greases Oils Aerosol Sprays Specialty Products Non-Aerosol Sprays Cleaners Promotional Items

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