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Jason Julius here… this post is sorta long, but well worth it… I’m going to share with you a pleasure zone on a woman that will give her some of the most

This generator is a system that generates weapon.

Weapon definition, any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war, as a sword, rifle, or cannon. See more.

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A males penis and balls are an evil weapon used on females. “ALL” males should be castrated, first their nuts snipped followed by their dicks.

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Penis definition, the male organ of copulation and, in mammals, of urinary excretion. See more.

May 17, 2017 · Lawyers in the murder trial of a Florida man who wants to show his penis to the jury went back and forth this week on whether he would need to be erect.

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Jul 16, 2012 · Turns out it’s legal to have a weapon of mass conception at the airport. Jonah Falcon was stopped and frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco Internat

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Weapon- In a South Manchester Suburb the word weapon is currently the word of choice to describe a ‘fool’. But also the word is also being used to congratulate fellow

Nov 05, 2007 · Video embedded · lol cop frisks guy and mistakes his penis for a weapon. New videos up!

May 10, 2015 · Destiny 2: NEW ENGRAM WEAPON! Refrain 23 Suros Auto Rifle, Bonus Damage Perk & Secret Cryptarch Room – Duration: 7:14. Unknown Player 175,225 views

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