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Mar 19, 2015 · Video embedded · “A South Carolina woman’s new essay about being raised by her lesbian mom contains a surprising revelation: she opposes marriage equality. “Gay

If You Still Know People Who Don’t Support Marriage Equality, Show Them This Video

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Mar 18, 2015 · Heather Barwick, who has come out against gay marriage despite having a lesbian mom. A South Carolina woman’s new essay about being raised by her lesbian

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Mar 03, 2010 · Andrea Gibson preforming my favorite poem “I Do”, written in response to the results of California’s Proposition 8. 2/27/10 Edmond, Ok University of

Mar 25, 2013 · Two cases will go before the Supreme Court regarding the legality of same-sex marriage in the United States, one on March 26 and the other the following

With her opinion being that “marriage is between a man and woman,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against same-sex marriage allowing her party, the

Sep 27, 2014 · Get your tissues ready, because this poem is seriously powerful. “Until We Could” is a picture of the love shared in committed same-sex relationship

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Feb 21, 2013 · In Heretics, Chesterton almost makes a prophecy of the misuse of the word “gay.” He writes of “the very powerful and very desolate philosophy of

A Small Needful Fact – Is that Eric Garner worked

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