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The original Canonical List of Weird Band Names, featuring the strange, funny names of actual bands around the world. Actively updated.

Oct 25, 2011 · Video embedded · “Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever done it?” With that question, Heather lets Eugene know that this is not going to be an ordinary date. He can’t

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10 Really Weird Crow Facts. Posted by Clara in Aves. In our last top ten fact list about Crows we highlighted corvids from a scientific angle – they are intelligent

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Collection of weird tattoos that make you wonder why any sane person would do that to themselves. For more check out

Weird Picture Archive collects and displays some of the most unusual images found in the world. We offer the weirdest of the weird & the oddest of the odd.

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WTF fun facts is a blog for interesting & funniest facts. We post about health, celebs/people, places, s, history information and much more.

What you will find in this section can be described as weird stuff, strange stuff, and generally offbeat. Or, if you prefer, try our fun stuff section.

A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff., celebrating 50 years of humor.

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Socially awkward people often get told that they’re weird. It’s a tricky word to deal with because it has both good and bad connotations, and people use it to

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