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Featuring Felicia Clover at Scoreland. Perky Felicia Clover (V-mag’s Hardcore Performer of the Year for 2013) goes for a sticky quicky in this down and dirty ride. So

6 Things You Should Know About Boob Jobs—From Women Who’ve Had Them “I needed help sitting up, eating, and even getting my pants down to go to the bathroom for

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This is such a great paring of two great “pairs”. 😉 Two very different body types, and yet they’re two women I’d be equally happy to fuck if I were to be so lucky

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First things first: Do a little homework. While an indiscriminate Google search on boob jobs, lifts, or reductions will probably take you down a rabbit hole of

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What’s behind the cultural obsession with the female breasts? Documentary Boob Envy, hosted by actress and television personality Thalia Zucci, examines

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Some boob jobs are right there, in your face, but these starlets went for a more subtle approach. Some of these celebrities might not look as if they have had any

211 Comments on “ Types of Jobs and Careers ” Kim Bartel June 10, 2009 at 9:49 am. Hi, I’m a major lover and have pet sitted for a farm

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List of different types of jobs, including career information, education and experience requirements, salary information, and how to get hired.

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