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Establishing Dominance over anything seems to be the norm for what humans to want to do and expect. So they also expect all creatures are the same.

Mama Bird’s Health and Behavioral Problems 1999-2009 Mama Died Peacefully at Home on December 29, 2009 for This Story and His Battle with Death, The Final Journey

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Birds fly in a variety of ways, ranging from gliding to soaring to flapping flight to hovering. Of these, the simplest type of flight is gliding.

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COCKATIELS – ADVICE FROM A BREEDER. by Linda Greeson. So many books and articles have been written about Cockatiels I really hesitated for a long time before

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If  you are new to Cockatiels it may not seem like a big deal to know the gender/sex of the bird. For most it is not a problem until one day you learn that Johnny

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Cockatiels at Home. By Eleanor McCaffrey, Copyright Notice© No portion of this text may be copied, printed or reproduced without permission from site owner.

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It’s For the Birds! Introduction: Did you ever wonder why there are so many types of bird beaks (scientists call them bills)? The most important function of a bird

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