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Discover how to properly perform the Rear Entry position with your man and have mind altering sex. You won’t be able to feel your hands afterwards.

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Rear entry sexual positions described and explained, with high quality sex positions pictures.

Discover the basic sexual techniques of rear entry sex and explore new ways of making love.

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Explore rear entry sex positions, which are described and explained here, with high quality photographs.

The Rear Entry family positions is a new addition to Formed by merging the old gystyle and Spooning Families. These positions incredibly

Learn about the basic position, who and what it’s good for, and variations on the rear entry or gy style sex position for all bodies and activities.

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Essentially a rotated form of the Spoons position, the Rear Entry position is both hot and intimate. There are two main ways to engage in rear entry sex. The receiver

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If sex is getting boring with the usual sex positions, here’s how you can add some zing back into it. Try the rear entry or gy style! It usually involves the woman

Describes all you need to know to enjoy Explains the advantages and disadvantages of rear enty sex positions

rear 1 (rîr) n. 1. A hind part. 2. The point or area farthest from the front: the rear of the hall. 3. The part of a military deployment usually farthest from the

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