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The male condom is a sheath (or covering) worn over the penis during sexual activity. It prevents pregnancy by acting as a barrier, preventing semen from entering the

Condoms are thin, stretchy pouches that you wear on your penis during sex. Condoms provide great protection from both pregnancy & STDs and are easy to use.

Condoms are the best way to have safer sex, but do you know how to put one on correctly? Find out how to use a condom.

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When you’re uncircumcised, condoms can become a little more complicated. Learn about the right condoms for uncircumcised men from Condom Depot.

Oct 30, 2016 · Video embedded · as for why this condom keeps breaking, see this video learn how to measure you penis in this Youtube video

Male condoms have a tight ring to form a seal around the penis while female condoms typically have a large stiff ring to keep them from slipping into the body orifice.

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Learn more from WebMD about male and female condoms and their role in birth control and preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

How Many Condoms Can You Wear at Once? The Experiment Some of you may have heard of the practice of “double bagging” – wearing two condoms during sex for extra

Condoms What are condoms? A condom is a stretchy tube of latex rubber or polyurethane. One end is closed. Most condoms have a small pouch at the closed end (the teat

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Condom Do’s and Don’ts DO’s: DO use only latex or polyurethane (plastic) condoms. DO keep condoms in a cool, dry place. DO put the condom on an erect (hard) penis

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