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Bridal Veil is a virtual ghost town located in Multnomah County, Oregon, United States. It was established in the 1880s during a logging boom by a logging company as

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Original data: State of Oregon. Oregon, Marriage Indexes, 1906-1924, 1946-2008. Portland, OR, USA: Oregon Health Division, Center for Health Statistics.

Natural, unposed, organic photos. You won’t feel self-conscious or posed; you’ll feel beautiful, spontaneous, and seen in your best possible light.

General information, enrollment services, student life, programs and classes, administrative services, library. Located in Bend, OR.

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Pacific Northwest News; Now in Oregon you can have llamas dressed as a bride and groom attend your wedding

Featured Programs The mission of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police is to serve as the “professional voice” of law enforcement in Oregon.

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You know what I never thought about wanting but desperately wished I had during my wedding ceremony… a wedding handkerchief! I could have used it, I could have let

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bride (brīd) n. A woman who is about to be married or has recently been married. [Middle English, from Old English brȳd.] Bride (braɪd) n (Biography) Saint Bride

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The wedding cake is a tradition that goes back to Roman times when a breadlike *cake* was crumbled over the bride’s head by the groom. You may have a more sweet and

Central Oregon Wedding Venues / Bend Wedding Venues & Locations When it comes to finding a Central Oregon wedding venue, we have some of the best locations in the

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