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What’s the difference between Nylon and Polyester? Nylon and polyester are both synthetic fabrics, but nylon production is more expensive, which results in a higher

American Flags American Flags from 3’x5′ to 12’x18′. Nylon, Polyester and Cotton flags. Full size 3’x5′ nylon American flags with embroidered stars and sewn stripes

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We often get asked what is the best American flag material and the response is, of course, it depends! There are really two types of fabrics when it comes to outdoor

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Jan 20, 2011 · Nylon vs Polyester Nylon and polyester are thermo plastic polymers. Though they have some similar properties, the differences are many. Right from the

3’x5′ Polyester Confederate Flag What is now often called “The Confederate Flag” or “The Confederate Battle Flag” (actually a combination of the Battle Flag’s colors

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Are you looking for reflective fabric and polyester fabrics? At Seattle Fabrics we have everything you need to make your own outdoor gear, from patterns to fabric, to

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