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For a long time, catgut was the most common material for the strings of harps, lutes, violins, violas and cellos, acoustic guitars and other stringed musical

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Here we bring you the best nylon string guitars in the market, conveniently divided into three price brackets to help you find a suitable instrument for your needs

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There is an incredible history surrounding many of the Folk & Traditional Stringed Instruments that we sell at Musician’s Friend. The Ukulele, for example, originated

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Africa. Africa is not well known for its ethnic stringed instruments. Probably the most famous one is the KORA, but that is a kind of “harp”, (see

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A string is the vibrating element that produces sound in string instruments such as the guitar, harp, piano , and members of the violin family. Strings are lengths of

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ACS-SA The ACS blends classical guitar concepts with elements of solid body design. The incredibly comfortable neck from the Multiac Nylon is used

Rare and unusual South American and Mexican musical instruments playing I Wonder As I Wander

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