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We’ve collected a list of the most awkward sex scenes in movies, ranging from the hilarious to the embarrassing, cringe-worthy, and hard to watch.

History of Sex in Cinema: The Greatest and Most Influential Sexual Films and Scenes (Illustrated) Brief Historical Overview

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The Scenario: In this long, molasses-paced tale, Picard is on the most important mission of his life: a mission for fun. It seems that his superiors think he needs a

The porn industry’s most popular starlets marketed themselves as sex-craving goddesses. Behind the fantasy was a much darker and more disturbing reality.

All famous toon presented in the piping hot porn artists perception await you inside Cartoon Reality! We offer only the hottest realistic sex scenes based on the

History of Sex in Cinema: Greatest and Most Influential Sex Scenes/Films of All Time. What are the Criteria for the Greatest and Most Influential Sex Scenes/Films

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Wild Things Denise Richards. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in one of the hottest scenes ever on film as they engage in a three-way sex scene with Matt Dillon.

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Here are some stories that should win a Nobel Prize for discovering the long-term benefits of the universe’s eventual heat death.

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Sexual Predator Angie Everhart. Angie Everhart wearing a guy out as she rides him on the couch in this nice fully-nude sex scene. Hi-res DVD capture from Sexual Predator.

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