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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is the third most widely used thermoplastic behind Polyethylene and Polypropylene. A large majority of the PVC is used for construction goods

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From larger-scale prototypes to the smaller details of molding, Chavant Modeling Clays provide a unique solution to getting it just right for your composite project.

Penis weight hanging is a very old method to enhance your penis in a natural way. Unfortunately it involves several risks and is very time consuming

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WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CASTING A DILDO FROM A PENIS. Facts on Penis Molding (Penis Moulding), and Penis Casting Casting a dildo directly from one’s own

Mold While You’re Bold ! Directions for Use. This molding kit has been designed as an adult novelty product for easy replication of your erect penis.

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How to Mold Chocolate Candy. Would you like to learn how to mold a piece of chocolate candy into your desired shape? Read this article to learn how to do it! Purchase

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Low Price Guarantee – If you have ever wanted to copy of your penis or vagina (Labia Majora) then there is only one company that has put together kits to make it easy

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Being the originators of the “First Penis Casting System”, we pride ourselves in offering “The Best”. Time, thought and passion went into every aspect to

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CopyFlex® Easy to use liquid silicone rubber designed for food grade mold making. Safe and non-toxic – also excellent for all purpose and hobby applications

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