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Rare and unique recordings of popular bands and artists, in such formats as CD, CD-ROM, video CD, and VHS. Titles imported from England, Germany, Japan, France, and

socks, dresses, and more. Because of the presence of polar units in nylons, similar to the presence of polar units in proteins, materials made from nylon have

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Largest Volume Nylon Used 108

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A parachute is a device used to slow the movement of a person or object as it falls or moves through the air. Used primarily for safe descent from high

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A kite is an unpowered, heavier-than-air flying device held to the earth by a line. The kite flies because wind resistance causes the air pressure under the

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Largest Volume Nylon Used 65

Generic term used in the case of polymeric material that may contain other substances to improve performance and/or reduce costs. Note 1: The use of this term instead

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