Herbal Mouth Wash


A guide to natural herbal mouth rinses as alternatives to oral rinses, with info on natural rinse effectiveness, safety and the ingredients used.

Oct 20, 2015 · Swelling or inflammation in the body is often a response to injury. It is the condition of excess fluids accumulating between the cells in a specific part

Hydrogen Peroxide 1.5% w/v. Colgate Peroxyl is an oral antiseptic mouth wash with a unique oxygenating cleansing action. Helps remove debris from hard to reach areas

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Herbal Hydrating Serum is one of Mario Badescu’s most unique, versatile products for all skin types that doubles as a layering product to use over day or night

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Nisha Herbal is one of the known Ayurvedic Medicines Manufacturing Company in India.It started its activity in 1992.It offers

Try Cēpacol® Extra Strength sore throat lozenges to help relieve cough, sore throat, or canker sore pain. It is brand trusted & recommended by doctors.

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Use. Common use involves rinsing the mouth with about 20 ml (2/3 fl oz) of mouthwash. The wash is typically swished or gargled for about half a minute and then spat out.

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A “holy oil” used as incense, myrrh oil offers a wealth of benefits and uses – discover more about its unique composition in this article.

The ten (10) alternative herbal medicines recommended by the Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH).

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