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PLANTAE BRASILIS / BRAZILPLANTS Sementes / Seeds Write me for details / Escreva-me para detalhes (email address at the end of the list – endereço no final da lista)

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High Mowing Organic Seeds offers certified organic, non-GMO seeds bred to perform best in organic conditions. Non-GMO seeds are tested for high germination rates and

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Our aim is to enhance farmer profitability by providing proprietary grass and forage seed that provide high quality feed for improved performance and production.

Produces flax, barley, wheat, oats, soy beans, ray and other seeds for sale. The majority of the products is in the registered and certified class.

Expert online sales of quality seed – grass seed for pasture, lawn & turf, farm seeds, grass plugs, wildflower seed, food plot seed & more. Seedland also sells game

A national supplier of pasture and amenity seed products. Includes product information, research and development, and a newsletter.

American Meadows has been supplying gardeners with the best wildflower seeds, perennials, bulbs and how-to information since 1981. 100% Guaranteed.

Quality. We only sell 100% pure wildflower seeds of the highest quality and germination. All the seed we handle at American Meadows is GMO free.

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The highest-quality seed available is what we strive to offer at Prairie Moon Nursery. Our source-identified ecotypes come from our ever-expanding production fields

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Hibiscus seeds are hairy and rather large: You can’t do much to change the above but there are other reasons your plants won’t set seeds that you CAN changed:

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