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Oral Sex Positions. Whether you like to use oral sex as part of foreplay or prefer to take it all the way to orgasm, whether you like to enjoy it regularly or just

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Mar 11, 2014 · Video embedded · 12 best indian sex position for triple pleasure – Duration: 8:16. sex education in hindi urdu and english 26,790 views

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Illustrated sex positions including missionary, rear entry, woman on top, and many more.

50 Unretouched Sex Positions for Real People We’ve heard your cries for more realistic sex positions and here they are. Real sex positions. Modeled by real people.

9 Fascinating Sex Fetishes Every Woman Should Be Aware Of. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

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Jun 06, 2014 · Sex is great, and trying new positions is exciting. But you shouldn’t try these 10 weird and dangerous positions for your own good.

These Sex Positions Are Helping Us Achieve the Ever-Elusive Female Orgasm May 23, 2017

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According to our women readers, it’s the number one position their male partners ask them to try. Check out this video demonstrating how to enjoy anal sex in the

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Ever tried a new sex position, only to find that you couldn’t make out that little black and white drawing as well as you thought? At, a sexual

Jul 02, 2014 · It’s fun to experiment in your sex life and try fun positions. But these 10 dangerous and difficult positions should be avoided as they will hurt you.

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