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Physics science project to experiment with the Mpemba effect and determine whether hot water freezes faster than cold water.

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After so many hard freezes this winter, we’ve got the drip-the-water drill down on nights when the forecast calls for plummeting temperatures. But why exactly does

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You’ve probably heard before that hot water freezes faster than cold water—that’s the Mpemba effect. It’s the kind of thing that has the ring of an old wives’ tale

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Determining whether or not hot water can freeze faster than cold water may seem like a no-brainer. After all, water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.

[Physics FAQ] – Written Nov, 1998 by Monwhea Jeng (Momo), Department of Physics, University of California. Can hot water freeze faster than cold water?

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At What Temperature Does Water Freeze? The answer is far more complicated than it first appears—water doesn’t always turn to ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit

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