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Classic screw, nail and rivet hinge. Solid Brass. Economical and easy to affix, ideal for small boxes. Mounting hardware included. Available

Essex Hinge can manufacture many types of hinges including, bespoke, butt, flag, lift off, back flap, sprung, and piano hinges.

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A pivoting door between the dining room and kitchen is one of the most charming and practical features of vintage homes! This old-fashioned double acting floor hinge

A hinge is a mechanical bearing that connects two solid objects, typically allowing only a limited angle of rotation between them. Two objects connected by an ideal

Most door hinges are butt hinges, and we have a wide selection in a variety of sizes and styles. Browse our extensive selection of standard and decorative hinges in

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Accent your kitchen cupboards, cabinets, & more with brass & nickel hinges from Horton Brasses! Our solid brass butt & non-mortised hinges are affordable.

This classic chest hinge integrates a lid support, making it the ideal choice for a lid hinge on cedar chests, blanket chests or hope chests.

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Marlboro Hinge is an industry leader in the manufacturing of weld-on hinge products. Submit your order or inquiry for our heavy duty weld-on hinges today.

Marlboro Hinge is an industry leader in the manufacturing of quality hinges, serving original equipment manufacturers with multiple variations of hinges.

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