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Kites were invented in China, where materials ideal for kite building were readily available: silk fabric for sail material; fine, high-tensile-strength silk for

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History of Chinese Invention and Discovery – the Kite Kites may date back as far as 3000 years, where they were made from bamboo and silk in China.

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Feb 17, 2012 · This fan dance, Flying Kites 放风筝performed by the Colours of Dance Academy is one of the best traditional Chinese dances performed in North America.

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Rapper Anik Khan, who was born in Bangladesh and raised in Queens, New York, is dropping is latest project, “Kites,” on April 28.

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A kite consists of these basic parts: The Spine. The up-and-down, or vertical stick that you build your kite around. The Spar. The support stick(s), that are placed

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Windless Kite Festival Indoor Kite Flying Competition and Performances Two full days of FUN! January 21st & 22nd 2017 with featured flyer Scott Weider!

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